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Thermostat Question ?

GuyCaballero Member Posts: 1
Hello Everyone, I'm hoping someone can assist me with a question I have regarding my thermostat?   I have an older Honeywell Thermostat controlling my basement heating zone which is baseboard.   I want to replace this thermostat with something that has a lower temperature range and had a few questions ...

 - If I simply disconnect the thermostat with that prevent the zone from requesting heat?

- The thermostat is wired with 12AWG wire, but I believe it's actually has low voltage going over the wire, what kind of thermostat can I use to replace this?  

The system uses a Taco SR503-4 Switching Relay ... The system is a Buderus G215 w/Logimatic.  Oil / Hotwater ... Grundfos Circulators.

I attached a couple of pics of the thermostat... I heat the basement with a wood stove, so I really don't want this thing firing unless there is an emergency.   I would like to temporary disable it until I find a thermostat that handles low temps.  Thank you in advance.



  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 16,615
    That looks like

    a line voltage thermostat.  The real question, then, is what voltage really is running over those 12 gauge wires?  Please be careful, and find out what you really have there.

    If it is a line voltage thermostat, your best bet will be a replacement one which goes to lower temperatures.  There are any number of pretty good ones made for agricultural uses which go down to 40 F or lower with no problems.  Most good farm supply operations will have a selection.

    And yes, if you simply disconnect the thermostat there should be no call for heat.  But again -- be careful.  Don't just leave the wires hanging out in space.  If you are not familiar with  electrical work, get an electrician to do it.  Otherwise, if you are, assume that you are working with a 120 volt circuit and proceed accordingly.
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England