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Ok guys...

I'm at my wits end...

Repiped boiler with 3" drop header

Risers are at 27" above normal waterline

Lowered equalizer to 2" below normal waterline

All system piping is at 2" except for header as called for by Utica

Skimmed skimmed and then skimmed some more. Probably over 200 gallons

Flushed equalizer repeatedly

Flushed all wet returns repeatedly

Boiled a sample on stove; absolutely no foaming - water is also crystal clear

Used 4 steam master tablets and ran it for three hours.

Flushed all areas again

Checked pH - 8.4. Took multiple samples from different piping areas

System heats just fine. All rads nice and toasty. No water hammer whatsoever.

48' of total system piping vented with three Gorton 1s, three Gorton 2s and a Hoffman 75 on an antler. I used every single vent I had...

I am STILL getting water running down the sight glass. Not a lot but enough to kick in my OCD.

Any thoughts as to why? 2/3rds of main is not insulated but it still continues even when mains are too hot to touch, even at air valves

Appreciate pointers as to what I could be missing...or am I wasting my time?

"Hey, it looks good on you though..."


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 14,834
    Check the firing rate

    and the nozzle spray pattern. If these are OK, keep skimming. At this point it almost has to be either oil sitting on top of the water, or over-firing or improper flame pattern.
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  • Steam_Starter
    Steam_Starter Member Posts: 109

    Thanks steam head. I just had my oilco service unit and everything checked out ok I was over the techs shoulder asking a lot of questions which he happily answered. Analyzer readings were all good and he did mention flame pattern looked good after he changed the nozzle. Manual calls for .85 and that's what he put in. He even showed me the nozzle and where to find the imprint on the nozzle.

    Funny though. System originally piped in copper but matched piping diagram. Only issue was EQ was too high and it above nwl. Water was not running down glass at that time....

    I'm really baffled with this one. My wife said "you are crazy" but I know I'm not. I just like to run with the horses!

    Anything else? I really cleaned the crap out of it and boiling the sample there was no foaming at all. I even did the "joy" test and there was no oil coagulation in the pot...

    "Hey, it looks good on you though..."
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 17,042
    Never disagree

    with Steamhead!

    That said, though, if it were I doing all this, and the water level in the boiler was reasonably steady (say bouncing less than an inch or two), and everything else was running well,  I'd not worry about the water droplets in the gauge.  But I'm a little bit lazy...
    Br. Jamie, osb
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  • Steam_Starter
    Steam_Starter Member Posts: 109


    I would NEVER EVER disagree with steam head ! He's the pro. I'm the schmoe!

    I was furthering to my post based on his suggestions hopefully tapping his brain and others on this board who do this for a living where I just build ships and move cargo for a living.

    My previous post was just making a statement. No criticism and certainly no disagreement. This board is my haven and everyone here gets my respect, admiration and awe.

    Having said that I know you are just busting my chops and that's cool.

    I just want my system running like a top as we all do! Then I can focus my OCD on other things!

    "Hey, it looks good on you though..."
  • Steam_Starter
    Steam_Starter Member Posts: 109

    As this is being written guess what I am doing. Drinking another beer, watching the pack pull one out over the bears. (Since my NY Giants are out of it) and skimming!
    "Hey, it looks good on you though..."
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