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Woodstove in front of BBHW

hobie Member Posts: 2
I'm installing a wood stove in front of existing HW baseboard.  I would like to RAISE the height of the hearth to 10", but that will be higher than the baseboard., and completely block the front of it.  Recommendations say obstructions should be at least 1 ft in front and 1 ft above, but it'd be ridiculous to push it out that far into the room.  Even though I know this would restrict circulation, I am interested in how these options could violate code:

1. Can I build a 10" high stone hearth only inches from the baseboard?  I would intend to leave about 2" of clearance in front to allow minimal access to the BB.

2. Can I bury the pipe within a stone hearth, so the baseboard runs through/under the stone hearth? 

I want to believe that none of this is a problem since (a) BB pipe is buried in walls all over the place and (b) the hearth itself is non-combustible.

I am generally not concerned about the loss of this leg of baseboard heating capacity, as there is another 20+ feet in the room, and I won't be using it much anyway with the stove in use.

Any thoughts of how to handle this situation?  Thanks for any input!!!


  • hobie
    hobie Member Posts: 2

    I could possibly build air channels under the hearth to provide circulation to the BB - would that help/matter?
  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,379
    Cover it Up

    If you don't mind loosing a little output capacity.

    Keep mortar away from the metal as it will corrode it.
    Bob Boan
    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
  • VictoriaEnergy
    VictoriaEnergy Member Posts: 126
    Look at the rear clearance

    Woodstoves typically require the hearth to extend 6" to the rear.  Compare this with the stove's rear wall clearance. Suppose If the instructions call for  10" rear clearance then you would have 4" space for the baseboard.  If the stove was allowed to be 6" from the wall it would be more sensible for the hearth to cover the baseboard.

    Most stoves convection stoves (welded steel stove with an outer shell) radiate very little heat down, hence the hearth protection is often for ember protection only (if it spits out a spark when the door is open). 

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