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Williamson Boiler Help!!

Mannu Member Posts: 19
I have a williamson boiler with 3 zones, 2 heating zones and one zone for a hot water heater. I have a problem, maybe you know a answer. I've tried calling couple of plumbers to the house and they couldnt figure it. First guy said, the vent is no good. Changed that same problem, second guy said the one way flow valve from the boiler to the baseboards was no good, changed that and still same problem. What is happening is when the thermostat calls for heat the boiler works initially and then shuts off. The pumps keep circulating water but the boiler doesnt go back on. Only way it goes back on is, i have to power off the whole system and then turn it back on. Any advice?


  • about some??

    About some pictures... we all here don't have x ray eyes.
  • earl burnermann
    earl burnermann Member Posts: 126

    It seems strange to try and solve an electrical problem, resetting the burner, using plumbing parts.
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  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 774
    Model# of boiler

    Need specifics on the boiler. I have seen this problem a couple times and it was the hot surface igniter. There was a very very small crack in it and when the boiler was cold it would work but when the boiler got hot the igniter material expanded not allowing the igniter to work and so the boiler would lock out due to 3 attempts to light but didn't and after a couple hours the boiler would cool down and you could turn power off and on and it would fire back up.
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  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,482
    Does this unit

    have an Integrated Boiler Control? If so what is the number, again some pictures would help?
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