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adding to 1 pipe steam

I'm a plumber who does a small amount of work on steam' I have a costumer who has a 2 story House with 1 pipe steam .They want to extend heat to there attic .

If I tee off an radiator pipe on the 2nd floor and run it to the attic for a rad do you guys think it will work OK?

I look forward to your advice.


    STEAM DOCTOR Member Posts: 2,012

    There are a few issues to consider.

    1. Will the boiler be able to handle the extra load?

    2. Will the steam main and return be able to handle the extra load?

    3. Will the vertical riser be able to handle the extra load?

    4. Will the horizontal runout from the main be able to handle the extra load?

    There is no one answer fits all for these questions.

    Every radiator puts out a certain amount of BTU's. Every part of the system has a certain amount of btu's that it can handle. If you overload the boiler,then there may not be enough steam to go around. If you overload any oft the pipes then you might have issues with banging and spitting air vents.

    I would humbly suggest purchasing a copy of "Lost art of steam heating". it's a fairly easy to read book that will give you all the info that you need for most steam jobs
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,901
    If the riser and the runout can handle the additional load

    it should work. Note that the usual counterflow runout's capacity is considerably less than the same size riser, so you may have to drip the riser or install a larger runout. Check the tables in "The Lost Art of Steam Heating" for more. 
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  • offaly
    offaly Posts: 7
    Header and Boiler piping

    I'm installing a new gas steam Boiler in a 2 family house

    I'm also changing the header to meet the manufactory's requirements

    The boiler I'm installing has 4 connections left and right

    In the boilers manual it shows the supply and return piped off the same side

    because I'm tight on space, I'm wondering if it would be OK to take

    the supply off the Left and the return off the right? The manual does not show this option.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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