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underfloor heating in a multi-family building

I have a an 8 floor, 8 apartment building with underfloor heating. It has central pumps, and no circulator pumps on the individual manifolds (two per apartment). The system is three years old and my super and I performed a system startup for the season. It has never been PM'd. The water was like mud and flow is low.

Question: Is water treatment recommended for these systems, and, is local pumping recommended? We are ready to perform some flow testing as we have had complaints that the residents "don't feel the heat"...we run 160F water (which seems high to me). Any experts out there that can help me?


  • SWEISWEI Posts: 7,356Member
    Where are you located?

    sounds like you could really use a proper system evaluation.
  • RichRich Posts: 2,477Member

    tubing was used for the in floor panels ?   Any chance of you allowing us to view the near boiler piping and pumping arrangement ?  And as above where are you located ?
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  • WeezboWeezbo Posts: 6,232Member
    do the tests.

    keep the info.

    Flush the boiler. flush the system.

    take apart the end suction pumps and clean them check impellers for mud and clean them.

    flush the flow ports check the system again.

    you may have leaks that are causing 0 to infiltrate thru them or air elimination "Bleeders" or non barrier pex or an entrained air source that has successfully worn your impeller off the pump/s.

    piping dirt separator/s might help After you do the work and make the corrections . there may be steep learning curve involved in some of these things.

    hope that helps where to go with your time and efforts.
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