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wall furnace flame recirculation

j1000 Member Posts: 2
I have an older double sided gas wall furnace. The local furnace guy wrote up a problem- my wall unit has flame recirculation - what does he mean and how to fix


  • RJ_4
    RJ_4 Member Posts: 484

    Does he mean flame roll-out which could be caused by a blocked, damaged or incorrectly installed flue, does the heater have a fan?  could the heat exchanger be cracked ?   which would require replacement of heater
  • Jim Davis_3
    Jim Davis_3 Member Posts: 578
    flame recirculation

    That has got to be one of the poorest definitions of a problem I have heard?  Sounds like he really doesn't know.  Maybe its flame fibulation?  Or flame resonance?  Don't know what any of those mean either.  Obviously he didn't do a combusion test!
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    flame ?

    What was your complaint that brought the repair guy to you? Flame rectification?
  • j1000
    j1000 Member Posts: 2
    wall furnace flame recirculation

    I have no idea what he meant - never heard of such a thing. I think maybe trying to get me to buy new unit.

    the unit is pretty old but still works well - no sticky gas valve, no pilot problems, heat exchangers are fine - solid working unit, just old

    I had a couple guys from a different furnace shop stop by and they started up unit and ran without incident. they never heard the term either.

    i hope it is not an intermittent problem.....I am just trying to follow up in abundance of caution

    FYI - it was part of an inspection
  • RJ_4
    RJ_4 Member Posts: 484
    wall furnace

    Call the company that supplies your gas    In a lot of areas they will check your heater free of charge,  and I always recommend a good CO detector in all rooms
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,588
    Perhaps the inspector

    meant that products of combustion were being "recirculated" back into the room. Was this a home inspector? What did he advise you to do? Did he leave the unit shut off?
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