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Using two Burnham pv4 boilers

TonySTonyS Member Posts: 849
to replace existing boiler. I would like to abandon the chimney and use power vent boilers. Unfortunately Burnam does not make a 7 section in PV.

What would be a good control to stage these boilers?

Would staging two boilers like this be a good idea?

Would it save the customer money on fuel?

All ideas and opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,668

    Stay tuned to my thread titled "1930's VECO Vapor System". I'm installing a tandem steam system and will list all of the controls used.

    We're staging the boilers with a 2-stage thermostat and Vaporstats. We expect major savings. Around 50%.
    - Joe Starosielec
    [email protected]
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