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Same hotel room strikes again?

<a href="http://myfox8.com/2013/06/10/carbon-monoxide-found-at-boone-hotel-where-boy-died/">http://myfox8.com/2013/06/10/carbon-monoxide-found-at-boone-hotel-where-boy-died/</a>

Wow! What a shame! Where do I start? What caused the CO exposure originally? Who/ how was it "corrected"? Did a qualified person/ agency conduct performance testing to ensure it was acceptable to allow occupancy again? If not CO alarms or monitors in this case, why not? I'm expecting some calls for criminal negligence in this case by the hotel and whomever the service provider(s) is/ are for the combustion appliances.........unless this room is close enough for car exhaust to accumulate and how are they going to rule that out? So many questions.

Anxious to learn facts in this case


  • Jim Davis_3
    Jim Davis_3 Member Posts: 578
    hotel poisoning

    Well initially the old couple died from old age but after the 11 year old boy died they decided to look at the lab work a little closer.  Just an example of how CO poisoning is misdiagnosed over and over and over. 

    It was a pool heater.  One of those killed someone in a hotel in West Virginia just a few months ago.  Anyone in my class might remember I list pool heaters as #1 most dangerous appliance.

    One TV reporter said that getting poisoned in a hotel is about as common as getting hit by a meteor.  Well there must be a lot of meteors falling right now because a hotel in NJ was just evacuated today because of CO.  The police reported a bad pool pump.  Some one else to add to the list of CO ignorant,

    Do you think when you check into a hotel you need to find out where the pool heater is and get a room as far away as possible.
  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,553


    Why are pool heaters such a risk?

    Is it because they run at lower temps and the condensate destroys the flue.

    Are they installed by pool techs that don't understand the dangers?

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • Jim Davis_3
    Jim Davis_3 Member Posts: 578
    Pool Heaters

    Hate to say it but they are just bad designs or would it be better to say just not a good functional mechanical design.  Poor installation is rarely the real problem but that is the best excuse the untrained can come up with. 

    I just figured this out last year based on an add I received for ANSI certification standards, but the reason they don't put spill switches on equipment is because they are afraid it won't work.

    I don't know in the 35 years of my testing and I have done hundreds of hotels, that I even found one working totally safe.  Okay, I did test one in Kentucky a year ago that was induced draft and it did test safe.  If the recommendations I made were performed it will stay that way.  Because of location and just dumb luck they haven't killed more people.  But I guarantee many have been poisoned in hotels and didn't know it.
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