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Vapor/vacuum system?

I need some help.

In my area of the country, there are very few steam systems and almost all of them are one-pipe basic steam systems.  However, I was asked to replace a customer's steam boiler today and when I went to assess the job, I found a strange box near the boiler.  It is a Hoffman boiler return trap.  Along with this I also found a float vent/air eliminator.  The rads are two pipe with the Hoffman #17a trap. 

Am I looking at a vapor/vacuum system, and if so, should I not attempt to replace the boiler as I may be 'married' to a lot of problems in the future?

Let me know what your opinions are.  Thanks                  Curt


  • jumperjumper Posts: 1,282Member
    get it in writing

    If customer signs off maybe. I was once the engineer of record for a school's boiler replacement. There was some trouble with boys' washroom drain. I was obliged to attend Friday morning meetings to discuss the problem. It went on so long I hired a retired engineer to drive out there each week.
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