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Brand New rad vent staying open.


Do brand new radiator vents sometimes arrive in a condition that they dont close? I put an old radiator into service yesterday, and the steam did not close the first vent. It was a Dole 1A adjustable. It steamed right out the top. I adjusted it u and down, tapped on it with a pen (and then a screwdriver), and once, it did diminish the steam it was providing to my basement, but never stopped. So I put in a Maid-o-mist 6; again, brand new. This one did the same thing. Although it diminished over time, so I went to bed with it in service. I woke up with low water, so I changed it to another brand new one; this time a Durst adjustsble from HD! This one seems to hold, but I want to wait till it cools to see if it opens and closes right.

I was going to buy a Gorton 6 becuause of brand loyalty ( I have some 1s and 2 along my main and at the dry return).



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