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Uneven heating of cast iron radiators

This is my first post and I am not as knowledgeable as many of the other members. After reading many posts on different sites I am sold on the advantages of steam heat.

We have been living in our 1930 home for two years. We have a one pipe steam system - and I can't figure out why some radiators only heat up halfway- I mean the top half and not the bottom half- and other times these same radiators heat up all the way. It seems so random to me and I could use any advice offered.


  • BobCBobC Member Posts: 5,112
    edited January 2013
    Might be normal

    On mild days my radiators often only heat partially but when it's cold (4 degrees this morning) they all heated all the way across and over the full height.

    Do they all seem to start heating at about the same time? Is there any banging or other obnoxious characteristics?

    This link is from the library on the site and it may help you understand your system better -

    Smith G8-3 with EZ Gas @ 90,000 BTU, Single pipe steam
    Vaporstat with a 12oz cut-out and 4oz cut-in
    3PSI gauge
  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,137
    Inserting links into posts

    Let me suggest when we all put in a link, that we put it on its own line, and then it will become active.

    Yes the half-heating radiators in the shoulder seasons is just what I have experienced.

    It is in these chilly, but not freezing times, that having good main venting, with it's quicker response will save on fuel.--NBC
  • SLCSLC Member Posts: 20
    Same Problem

    I had the same problem until I read these posts and with help of these knowledgable people I corrected my problem by replacing my 2 main air vents in basement with Gorton #1's. System has never been better....Worth a shot......
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