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Burnham Alpine Lightoff RPM

Ant1 Member Posts: 6
Hey all, I recently replaced the sage control and touchscreen on a burnham apline 150-02 due to a repeat fault code # 25. With the old board the boiler lights off nicely at a fan speed of 3000rpm. With the new board installed the boiler lights off at 4000rpm and produces a small explosion in the combustion chamber accompanied by a whumping sound. This hard lightoff opens the pressure switch and sends the boiler to post-purge. First off does anyone know what exactly fault code # 25 is? (The manual simply says the replace the sage control but gives no further explanation) And whats up with the different lightoff fan speed?


  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,086

    There was a technical bulletin put out about 2 yrs ago. I posted the Burnham part numbers.


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  • Ant1
    Ant1 Member Posts: 6

    Yeah i get all that. I replaced the boot and re routed some wiring as per the bulletin. Combustion settings are within I&O spec.

    The only variable here is the 1000 rpm increase in the initial fan speed. Boiler fires off nicely at 3000 rpm with the original board in place. Guess what I was getting at is, does the new boot and rerouted wiring take care of the electrical interference problem or does the board absolutely need to be replaced. I'll talk to burnham tech support tomorrow. just had been bothering me over the weekend and thought I'd see if anyone had been down this road before.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,574
    From Burnham Rep

    Error 25 is usually caused by electronic noise through ground. We were initially encountering this via the igniter and came out with a kit to fix this via a boot with 1000 ohm resistor and a new control with updated software. We still occasionally encounter an Error 25 and believe it to be caused by a ground fault in the earthen ground to the control. We have since been isolating the green ground wires completely from the control on new production models and on field models when we are on a job site.


    As far as the new control ignition rpm is concerned, have him contact his local U.S. Boiler representative and they will get that reprogrammed back to 3000 rpm. New production Alpine 80 and 105 boilers are using the 4000 rpm speed while the 150 and 210 retain the 3000 rpm ignition speed. All new production models also have a control and screen that allow field reprogramming of the ignition speed. The older screen does not have that provision.

    Upon reading the post again on The Wall, it appears as though he has changed the screen as well. If he indeed has the new high definition style screen and a new version Sage Control then he can change the Ignition RPM's on the screen. I am curious to know how he knows he has a control with 4000 rpm ignition though. Feel free to have him either contact one of our Tech Services reps tomorrow or have him contact me via e-mail. I am currently on vacation and will be returning on Wednesday 01/02.

    You can reach the rep at [email protected] .net his name is Glenn Stanton
  • Ant1
    Ant1 Member Posts: 6
    Thank you

    Thank you very much for that last post.

    I went to the customers house on a saturday with the new boot and sage control only to find that even after entering the factory pass code I was unable to change the boiler model from and 80 to a 150. It being saturday I was unable to resolve this issue and I put the old control back.

    Over the course of the next week I found out I needed to replace the display as well. So I got the new display and headed over the following saturday. (stupid I know, I've learned that lesson). So then I ran into the issue of the hard lightoff opening the pressure switch. I forced it to light by covering the atmospheric side of the pressure switch to do a combustion test, everything seemed to be ok.

    When I tried to light it again I was in the manual control portion of the menu which displays the current fan speed. This is how I noticed the 4000 rpm. When I lit it off again I had the same whump, so back to the old control again. This is when I noticed the 3000rpm lightoff speed with the original board.

    Well now I was starting to feel like I was just throwing parts at it and, it being the weekend, thought I might get some insight from this forum.

    I knew you could not adjust the ignition fan speed with the old control and consequently did not think you could with the new one either. I'm not sure if I have a "new" new screen or a "new" old screen. Also i was not made aware of any changes to the ground wiring that you speak of so I'm glad I asked!

    I'll get in touch with the rep this week to iron it out. Thanks again
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