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liquid line driers

goodman r22 with LL drier buried down inside condenser unit and system had lost freon. found leak and want to replace drier. is it better to cut it out and put it outside unit? can you leave it in and just add one outside unit? why in gods name are they not outside anyways!!i have noticed alot of 410a units come this way also. i am a tech so dont panic. i just like asking questions and seeing what other techs are doing. you learn something new alot by just asking questions. and some times i am surprised i have been doing things wrong or just working in circles and everything is changing fast in this buisness and theold ways dont cut it anymore.....many thanks ..


  • don_9don_9 Posts: 395Member
    Remove it

    That what we do paul we removed them and piped them outside or close to the evaporator coil.And nothing wrong with the old ways, or being old for that matter.have you not herd that fifty is the new forty?lol
  • Paul_69Paul_69 Posts: 246Member
    remove it

    is it mandatory to replace it after one leak and repair? it is in areal bad spot down in condenser. worried about making a leak cutting it out and trying to braze new pipe and couplings, i know your suppose to when system is open. why are manufacturers putting them buried inside unit!! thx
  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,144Member
    edited June 2012

    plain and simple. Moving the control panel out of the way helps,sometimes.You should change that f/d every time the system is open .I like SAE f/d's ,makes it easy to change.
  • Paul Fredricks_3Paul Fredricks_3 Posts: 1,549Member
    edited June 2012

    I'd leave it in place and add one outside the unit. I think the factory ones are just for residual from manufacturing and not for real world use.

    Of course, if it was a burn out you'd have to get rid of it.
  • Empire_2Empire_2 Posts: 2,343Member

    "I heard that, I'm a tec so don't worry"......l o l.  I'll never live that down will I?.  Yea leave the old one in if it is a problem to replace and add another to LL wherever it can go.

    Mike T.
  • Paul_69Paul_69 Posts: 246Member
    not serious at all

    mike t.alot of guys think everyone is a rookie or homeowner. my questions might come off like that but i am skilled but always trying to improve myself. i just went into buisness 6.5 years ago after working for companys for 25 years. now everything is up to me and i am finding a whole new world. b4 i would ask managers and higher ups for what to do. alot of years i did company procedures and sometimes that wasnt always the right way.never any hard feelings for sure. appeciate your input and sense of humor as well.. life is to short! and if i cant get some solid advice somewhere how do i find out some of the mysterys and myths i have been told for years. now it really is important to get it right because its my ass on the line now not the companys i worked for in the past.just do it thus way paul, ok boss!! you know where i am coming from now.ok my friend...thx to all as well..................
  • Paul_69Paul_69 Posts: 246Member
    back to nuts and bolts

    is it ok to leave LL drier in tough spot and add one outsde of unit? the old one wont affect system unless a burn out?two different oponions.or cut it out and add one?
  • don_9don_9 Posts: 395Member

    Think of the liability of one of your hvac brother coming behind you and telling the customer that you did not removed the oem drier and this is why they are still having issue.

    Would you feel ok with taking your car in for a tune up and the guy says i put in all plugs but one, bc I could not get to it?

    I would much rather replace it now while it has no charge in it and I can charge the customer, then to have to come back on my dime and replace it.Would you be ok if you leave it in,maybe and maybe not.
  • EddieGEddieG Posts: 150Member
    Remove it...

    Take the time pull the panels and replace it. Yes it is a pain!!!!! They put them there because it is easy at the factory. Plus companies that ship them for feild installation, find many never get installed!!! But I have found them restricted. I always try and put them at the indoor when possible. Especially if in the cooling mode and a TXV at the indoor. If it is heating season and a HP with a TXV on the outdoor unit, I will install it close to th outdoor TXV. I like them close to the TXV in use. I do prefer inside because of driers rusting and looking like crap. But it is a pain to take the torch inside as well. JMO
  • Paul_69Paul_69 Posts: 246Member
    point well taken

    i am not against hard work if it is important,and this seems to be the case. thx for info from all posts..............paul
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