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recovery bottles

how many recovery bottles should you have with a recovery machine?i have one for r22 and one for 410a. what about holding different both good freons to put back in system and what about contaminated freons?do you need 4 bottles? or can you mix r22 and 410a for disposal and just need 3 bottles?  thx


  • Bart VaioBart Vaio Member Posts: 56
    Recovery Bottles

    I keep 3 on the service truck.  One for 22 and 410a, whenever i recover a burnout I turn in the third tank for recycling right away.  We have a free exchange/tank swap program in our region.
  • meplumbermeplumber Member Posts: 678
    Never Mix

    Never ever mix refrigerants in a cylinder. We keep 1- 50# for 22. 1- 50# for 410. 1-30# for odd refrigerants (usually small systems for process refrigeration) these get turned in pretty quickly. If it is a burnout, we also turn that cylinder in soon too. My chiller techs keep several 50's on their vans. They deal with R-407 quite a bit on mid 2000's air cooled McQuay chillers.
  • Paul_69Paul_69 Member Posts: 247
    recovery bottles

    thx for replys guys! could you carry 1 for 410a and 1 for r22 for holding freon while doing repairs and then put this good freon back in system and then if you get a burn out just put it in the correct bottle and recycle it right away so you dont have to carry 3 bottles? i work only with these 2 refegerants...thankyou
  • meplumbermeplumber Member Posts: 678

    As long as the two refrigerants never hit the same cylinder.  Once a cylinder has had either refrigerant in it, you can't put the other in.  So one cylinder would be R410A only and one would be R22 only.  Then if you get a burnout, turn it in for exchange.
  • Paul_69Paul_69 Member Posts: 247

    thx meplumber.on a burnout do you mean recycle or exchange for a new bottle. the place i deal with recycles my bottles that i bought from them. i didnt know anything about exchanging bottles.i always get same bottle back after they suck it out.
  • meplumbermeplumber Member Posts: 678

    We have an exchange program. We turn in a cylinder with the appropriate documentation and we get a new empty one.
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