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Getting a home built and will like to get a Prestige Solo w/ Indirect Water Heater

GRod Member Posts: 10

So Im the process of getting a new construction home that has not broken ground yet so Im still in the research mode. Now its the boilers! The builder is energy star so the house gets rated at the end of construction. He uses the Burnham ESC boiler with a regular water heater. What I will like is for him to put the Triangle Tube Prestige Solo w/ a smart indirect water heater.  Im sure it will be an additional cost, but realistically, does anyone know how much more?

Will you go this route if you were me? What additional items (piping, basebords, etc) can I tell him to get.

The house is in NY, natural gas, about 3300 sq ft, three zones (one for the 1st fl, another for the 2nd fl, and for the future basement).

Any help is much appreciated.



  • Slimpickins
    Slimpickins Member Posts: 323
    good move

    First of all we're not supposed to talk prices on here, its so varied that it makes no sense and is frowned upon. Good idea going with a mod/con boiler and the Prestige is a good one. My idea of a perfect system is a mod/con boiler, indirect tank, European style radiators like Runtal, Dianorm and Myson sized so the boiler is in the condensing mode most of the time.  Piping the heat runs home run style with barrier pex and Thermostatic Radiators Valves on each rad. Using a ECM pump for the secondary(radiator loop) while utilizing outdoor reset.  Its so simple, no thermostat wires, zone valves, cheap filmsy baseboards and the best comfort money can buy.

    It will be more expensive but the hard part will be finding someone who is competent in designing and installing a system like this.  You can click 'Find A Contractor' at the top of the page and hang out on here to get educated. There's some good reading material available up top at the resources tab too.  Any questions, just ask, there are some really sharp folks on this site to help ya!
  • GRod
    GRod Member Posts: 10
    Builder said NO

    Unfortunately, I spoke with the builder and he is not willing to put in that system. He gave me an excuse that he goes with what the engineer designed the house for. He also said that if he changes, he might fail the energy star certificate once he gets a rater to tests the house. Its unfortunate cause I was willing to pay extra but he is reluctant to do it. I guess I will be stuck with a Burnham unit that is 85% efficient (direct vent).
  • Slimpickins
    Slimpickins Member Posts: 323
    I would...

    look for another builder that has a clue. With a higher efficiency boiler it would boost Energy Star rating. Sounds like you're taking him out of his comfort zone.
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,085
    edited March 2012
    Ask Him

    For the heat loss bet he can't produce one. Is this going to be baseboard, hydro air? Whose house is this his or yours?
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  • GRod
    GRod Member Posts: 10
    This is...

    The builder builds homes and puts it for sale with the real estate. Im going straight with the builder for a lot he just bought which he is going to be building a new home. It has not broken ground yet so that is why I was researching different boilers to see if he can put a better efficient boiler. Its going to be baseboard, natural gas.

    A co-worker just told me about a system2000 that he recommended...anyone heard of it?

  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 6,962
    Go with TT

    Simplickins has described the perfect system in  my mind. You really need to either get the builder on board or find a new builder. The difference in efficiency in the real world will be significant.Far more than the 5 to 10% in the ratings. The modulation of the mod con boiler really helps.I would suggest contacting the E-star raters to help convince your builder. You can get a rough idea of the material cost difference by looking at the online retailers, although I don't suggest buying boilers on line.
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  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 928
    Prestige boiler

    I work for a Plbg & Htg wholesaler who sells both Burnham & triangle tube and if I was building a new home it would be triangle tube with their smart indirect water heater. Are you doing any radiant? Can use cast iron radiators or wall radiant panels. Take a look at using copper baseboard called the heating edge from smiths environmental. If you install enough radiation you can set the system to run at low water temps even when at design temp. The lower the water temp going out the lower the return temp coming back to the boiler that way the boiler will be in condensing mode almost all heating season. The Prestige Solo boiler now comes with a great new control where you can run two different water temps one for radiant and a higher temp zone. The control also will run the primary pump plus two heating pumps plus the indirect water heater pump. DEMAND WHAT YOU WANT YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER. Get a new builder. Are you installing central a/c system if so I would install a H/P so when you need heat early or late in the season and you do not want to fire the boiler system you can run the H/P.
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