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carrier oil furnaces

Paul_69 Member Posts: 251
has anybody run into the residential carrier oil furnaces with beckett burners with the round cleanout ports and no combustion box? i forgot model number but i cant seem to get a good flame and smoky and sooty i tried different nozzles. i have run into many with same situation. i am a tech, the chamber area seems to me to be too big and runs like crap.i have seen ones with riello and not have bad combustion.i dont like these furnace for other reasons also but this situation i cant put my hands on why.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    check for 2 things...

    First of all, I have a few, and yup you're right.  I guess without the model number we don't know the best nozzle/air band/shutter settings to start with.

    1. Check for air infiltrations.  Especially at the burner flange/gasket, and the transformer gasket.

    2. Cracked heat exchanger.  Seen it on the back or the top.  On one, looking down the tube, thru the end cone.  Was blowing the fire back when the blower came on.

    So I would pull the burner, check the chamber, replace with new gasket.  Find the model number, and compare with oem spec book, to return to starting nozzle/settings.  Do a heat exchanger test for cracks.  Make sure the pump is at the right pressure, make sure the draft is adjusted right, double check your z dimension,  and go from there.  I know, shouldnt have to be that tough.

    What were your combustion numbers (or the best you could come up with)?

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  • Paul_69
    Paul_69 Member Posts: 251

    thanks steve, it calls for .75 70 b nozzle. it runs like real crap with that type.put .75 70 a and runs better. gaskets are tight, didnt see any cracks in chamber. runs smoky even with blower not running. i have had several like this and i cant see that they all have cracked exchangers. is the beckett just bad for chamberless furnaces like some chamberless boilers? wouldnt the fire be ok until blower came on?on the subject of checking heat exchanger how do you like to do this procedure.no sighns of oil odors on these jobs either. like i said the flame is really bad looking when blower is on or off.i dont like the furnaces without a box with becketts. and also the same furnace with riellos are no troubles, i dont know still if i am missing something but i dont like these furnaces, i think carrier should stick with ac and gas!!
  • Paul_69
    Paul_69 Member Posts: 251

    thankyou!! i have tried all my 30 yrs. of burner know how doing exactly what you said. i spent hours trying nozzle, pressures, heads, air discs you name it.i have killed myself trying to get these pos to run decent.i didnt put them in and people have had trouble since they were installed, some for 10 years or more and they say they have always run sooty. almost need to clean 2 times a year.i inherit these things. but i have come to the end of my rope with these problems that are not mine. i was wondering if i wasmissing something. now on some of the newer ones made by icp which seem to be the same desighn they are not as bad with combustion smoke etc.for whatever reason. does carrier have any feed back or are they saying what are you talking about.
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385

    They are a touchy piece of crap, but I have found them to run nice with a .65 80*B nozzle, F-3 head, 120 PSI fuel pump pressure, increase the 5" S.P. to 6", start with the side air band only set on 6 and test. Pre and post purge also does wonders on these.
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