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have a buderus conmod installed in older home with radiantheat.a couple runs are a little long @ 250-300'. along with that i still have some heat loss being an older home and working on getting rooms completed and insulated proper. when zones call for heat i've noticed that the heat loss out weighs the heat coming from the floor and as a result the temp.stays a degree or two below setting. therefore room can't come up to temp and system runs longer than normally would. cozy floors but air temp is cool say at 65-67 when set at 68 depending on outside temp.the am10 reset "tells" the boiler at what temp to heat water? varying from 120 to 180. my ? is this. what would happen if i disconnect the am10. would boiler heat water temp to max, say 180 all the time? or would it go into default code? my theory being if temp remained at 180 floors heat up more maybe reaching set temps more readily? or just get house tightened up and reduce heat loss . any info greatly appreciated.


  • Eric_32
    Eric_32 Member Posts: 267

    like there just might not be enough output from the floor for the space. Raising the temp of the water would not be the best solution. You could add some baseboard to the room to help the tstat get up to temp.
  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,376
    Disconnecting AM10

    If all you do is disconnect the AM10 without reconnecting a demand signal to the "WA" terminals of the boiler, then you'll have no heat.

    What type of floor is the tubing in? Slab, wood, tile? What covering? How much tubing per sq ft. of floor space? What size tubing and how long are the loops? If it's under wood floors, were plates used? Was any type of heat loss calculation done?

    As Eric mentioned, raising the water temp may not be a good idea. 120* is about as hot as you should go depending on floor type and covering. Higher temps could damage your floors.
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