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Orange flames

Shalom Member Posts: 165
Preview: Two family house, one steam boiler for each apt. There is no fan providing forced air to the boilers (I was told that you only need these when you have an oil burner converted to gas),

Noticed last week when I was in the basement with the lights out that the flame on the tenant's boiler (Utica PEG112CDE) was orange. Now I remember from chemistry class that a luminous flame is bad, so this concerned me.

 I tried calling the gas company Monday, but their "systems were down" and they couldn't even tell me if this was a problem. I should think that even without a computer they ought to be able to tell me if this is something that they send service people out for, but that's not the point. Also told me there might have been air in the lines, which doesn't make sense, because the other boiler has flame that is blue with yellow tips, and the stove is plain blue. In any case more air should make the thing burn hotter --> bluer flame, right?

I called them again later in the week, and they told me they'd send someone out next Wednesday (1/25). Then I did a bit more reading, and got worried that the boiler would get full of soot, or CO start accumulating, or other undesirable consequences. (We have new CO detectors, by the way. They haven't gone off.)

So my question is, should I call them back and try to get someone out sooner? Is this dangerous to the extent that two days sooner is batter, or is it safe to leave it?


  • furnacefigher15
    furnacefigher15 Member Posts: 514
    Safety first.

    I would spend the extra few dollars to have someone come out and make sure it's safe.

    CO detectors are not fool proof, and they also have a shelf life.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,628
    The gas flame

    should be a soft blue flame not roaring or lifting, with no yellow, yellow is a sign of carbon not being burned.

    Orange however is NOT a problem it is typically caused by stirring dust up with your feet when near the burner or some rust or dust just burning off.

    It can never hurt to have it checked and while you are at it have them do a combustion test to determine it is burning safely and efficiently.
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