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a puzzle for all you super-smart steamies

jpf321jpf321 Member Posts: 1,558
OK .. below are thermal imagery 2 videos...there is a significant difference between them .. . can you explain WHY?

VIDEO #1 (real-time: 20mins  video duration: 16s):

VIDEO #2 (real-time: 30mins  video duration: 26s):

The difference in video lengths is not critical to the puzzle, I just wanted to be sure that I had a complete data set for video #2. There is a timestamp on each video so you can pause them both at about 20mins and compare.

Feel free to download the videos if you like and look at them in your favorite viewer.

I also have all the 500 FLIR source images if anyone would like them.


+ it is the same radiator in both videos

+ i posted about it last year (or maybe the year before) but never made a video until now

+ it is the same exact radiator vent and it was not altered or disturbed between the 2 shoots

+ there is no floor valve (only an elbow) so nothing about the inlet has changed

+ the room is approximately (+/-1degF) temp in both videos

+ the finish on the rad was altered in anyway (it was not painted or anything like that)

+ there were no control setting changes made on the boiler .. but due to TRVs throughout, I cannot say whether the same load was on during both shoots... but this shouldn't be relevant

+ there was no fan blowing or anything like that

Further Hints: available upon request .. (I will be away Saturday and requests made during that time will have to wait until Sunday night .. )
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