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Stop Condensate Pump from Flooding the System


For Steam Heating System I have a condensate pump.  This Condensate pump is controlled by a pump controller built in the boiler, which monitors the water level in the boiler and turn on/off the pump as needed.  Problem occurs when this pump controller malfunctions and does not turn off the pump even though boiler have enough water.  This problem is flooding the steam system because pump is running for hours.  I need to have a backup to the pump controller, so when it malfunctions backup will turn the pump off. 

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  • Gordo
    Gordo Member Posts: 857
    Flooding the System

    It sounds like what you have is a "boiler feed tank".  The difference, as Dan says, is the boiler feed tank is "polite".  It waits until the boiler asks for water and gives it as it's needed.  Or should.

    What is on the boiler that is calling for the water from the boiler feed tank pump?

    A McDonnell & Miller #150 perhaps?  The head/float assembly may be sticking.  Replace it.

    A more radical idea is to see if you can get rid of the boiler feed tank altogether and return your system to the gravity feed it once was.  Fewer moving parts to fail.
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    see also

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