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Air handler differences?

e_berns Member Posts: 4
I am one of those handy homeowners who has looked at this website many times to figure out how to do some of my own work. However, when I wanted to convert from oil heat to gas I hired one of the contractors from this website. I was very happy with their work, but I do have a question. I opted for a boiler with air handler to replace my furnace. I would have liked to go all hydronic (does anyone know about duct coils?), but it would be very difficult in my old house and take up a lot of room. I may want to experiment with it in the future, but in the meantime, has anyone ever compared air handlers? Particularly, about the noise at the room registers. While the air handler itself seems quieter than my old furnace, it does not seem quieter about the noise generated in the house. It seems somewhat louder than my old furnace. The sound reminds me of exactly the noise made by the water pipes in the house when I am watering the lawn with old fashioned lawn sprinklers. In any case, I don't think the contractor could have done anything different. I think it is a matter of the design of the air handler. Are there any differences about the design between mfrs. that can make it quieter as far as what I hear in the house? What brands incorporate such a design? Can I retrofit mine in any way? I dont' know if it is OK to mention my new air handler but it is a First 36. Thanks.


  • e_berns
    e_berns Member Posts: 4

    No one answered my question, so I went ahead and adjusted the speed which is adjustable up to a point. The slower speed did make a difference in the noise level.
  • furnacefigher15
    furnacefigher15 Member Posts: 514
    Depends on the noise.

    If the noise is a vibration type noise, then its a mater of adding vibration isolators to the supply and return plenums and adequately supporting duct work.

    If the noise is more harmonic in nature, like water flowing at certain velocities though a pipe, then the solutions would be the addition of duct liner to the inside of the ducts and air handler to dampen the sound.

    There are other variables as well. Sometimes a new motor can have a bearing issue, or just the wrong style of bearing.

    The best bearings for sound concerns are sleeve bearings.

    May also be just too much air handler.
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