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Trane electronic air cleaner help please

Dave_134Dave_134 Member Posts: 4

 I have two 1993 vintage Trane BEF140,200c air cleaners, power supplies dies.

I pulled them and changed the bridge rectifier and  found a transistor bad on each one, (each has 2), I combined the good ones, still no good.

Power supplies are obsolete or I woudl buy them.

I was hoping to find a universal power supply i could retrofit to may units and eleminate all the duct work hassle.

Any experience with this?

Thank you.


  • sasmansasman Member Posts: 29

    pull those pieces of junk out and install cartridge filter of appropriate size
  • Dave_134Dave_134 Member Posts: 4
    more info on your opinion

    Hi, I considered this,

    I take it u do not like these. Are they less effective than the are sold to be? new ones any better? how much experience have u had with these?

    If I do a 16 x 25 x 4 or 5 filter, what merve would be ok, yet not create excess back pressure?

  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 4,362
    You will have less resistance

    with a standard filter than with an EAC. Do you have anyone in the house with breathing issues? If not the standard filters are fine just check/change them every month during the heating season.

    If you must replace the EAC do so I am just not a big fan of EAC's.
  • Dave_134Dave_134 Member Posts: 4
    good stuff!

    Hi, no real medical reasons, I noticed a while ago both units were dead, I assume did late last year and I never noticed, so the only filtration I have had was the 1/4" metal mesh filters.

    We noticed the house was dusty, or at least seemed so, that's when i found the two dead players on the  EAC.

    Now I dread the ductwork dis assembly to retrofit new ones so i was going down the repair route.  This is why the thick filter plan seemed like a good option I was considering.

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