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Heat that is added to a vapor after all of the liquid has boiled away is reffered to as?

high superheat indicates?

low superheat indicates?

typical degrees of superheat an evaporator runs at? 


  • IronmanIronman Member Posts: 5,566
    edited March 2011

    High superheat indicates evaporator is being starved - low charge.

    Low superheat indicates evaporator is completely flooded - over-charged. This is if you have a fixed meetering device (piston, cap tube).

    Typical degrees for superheat measured at the evap outlet would be 8 - 14, but there are alot of variables that effect this.
    Bob Boan

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  • RDSTEAMRDSTEAM Member Posts: 134

    is usually good for high temp apps. but thats with the perfect settings. outdoor temp, indoor temp, humidity as well as other variables need to be taken into affect when checking superheat. you may have 20 degrees superheat and that would be normal for those conditions until the system balances out. charge by weight for new installs and you will never need to worry about this. service is a different story.
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