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Burnham Alpine 150 Ignition noise

paulg71170paulg71170 Member Posts: 2
About a month ago I had an Burnham Alpine 150 boiler installed.  From the start it made a loud noise on ignition, that can be heard throughout the house and even outside through the venting.  The noise goes away after the flame is established.

The plumbing contractor has been back and done a combustion test and everything is in line with the manufacturers settings.     I am drawing 6 inches and upon firing goes down to 5 inches.  I am not sure if I am saying this correctly, but i believe so. 

The burham rep is being called, but the contractor believes it mat be related to the fan.  When igniting the rpm's ramp upin the 4000 range and as they go down the noise stops.   This repeats every time it fires.

I have been told that other alp150's they have installed have had this issue and others have not. 

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any help would be appreciated.




  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 4,362
    I am going to cover

    all bases here even though you state some have been done.

    1. Piping to the boiler should be a minimum 3/4" black pipe, 10 foot manifold, no CSST.

    2. Combustion test with adequate gas pressure at the inlet, there should be no drop in gas pressure whatsoever.

    3. Try replacing the igniter even though everything is new.

    4. There have been some upgrades to Alpine Sage 2 system, have those been done?

    5. Insure system is properly vented according to the I and O manual.

    What is your location?
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