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Quietside dual purpose Dp 99

95nick Member Posts: 13
Custmer purchased Quietside DP 99. I installed with heating loop hooked into spacepak system. Problem is exhaust is putting out pretty bad gas type odor.

   Local Gas co. did gas hook-up which is  propane. They cameout and checked manifold pressure with all the other appliances on in the building and everything is appears to be operating perfectly. Only problem is the bad odor. Custmer is now on back saying  "it must be the installation".

            Factory tech support says some odor is normal, which I am strting to believe. Also I have noticed that unit is not putting out any condensate.

            Please really need some advice! Thanks


  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,506
    Is the odor the

    smell of odorant or is it aldehyde caused by a poor combustion condition? Was the system installed and tested with a combustion analyzer? If not that could be your problem.

    The truth is if it is the gas you are smelling that should not be happening and still means there is some kind of combustion issue that needs attention.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,506
    Is this unit a DPW-099?

    Is this a dedicated LP gas unit or was it converted?

    Are you getting any error codes?

    What are the gas pressures?

    Are the DIP Switch settings correct? Switch 1 on natural gs on switch 2 off

    On LP switch 1 is off and 2 is on.

    Dip switch  4 & 5 should be off the only time it is on is to set up high and low fire I believe.

    Is the front cover tight if not it can cause poor combustion conditions?
  • 95nick
    95nick Member Posts: 13
    thanx Tim,

    Unit was converted to L.P.

    No error codes

    Gas pressure were checked by gas co. while on the phone with tech support. at that time proper dip switch settings were confirmed.

    Why no condensate?
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,506
    The quietside has a secondary heat exchanger

    (they call it Dual Heat Exchangers)that is designed to recover latent heat from the flue gases.The maximum exiting flue gas temp should be less than 130 degrees which is the top end for condensing.

    What were the combustion analyzer readings? This will give us the exit flue gas temperatures. There will be no condensing if the temperature is above 140 degrees. 
  • 95nick
    95nick Member Posts: 13
    Refrig. comp. to close to unit?


                   Gas co. says unit is burning perfectly.(very good gas co.) I moved outside vent and exhaust so they are now several feet apart. After re starting there was no noticable odor.Then  a refrig. comp started and I could smell some odor.

    the comp. is 7 ft. away and blows again the same wall unit is mounted on. It definetly makes a breeze across the unit. I tried several times and sure enough odor was only present when comp. was running. Do you think that could be it or am I nuts?    Owner does not believe me, they have salesman and co. tech coming out today. I will let you know final resolve.  thanx
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,506
    I am sure the gas

    company would have checked with a gas detector, so if they say it is okay I am sure it is.

    The exhaust from that refrigeration unit if sucked in by the air intake could be a problem as that is contaminated air and may have chemicals harmful to the gas unit.

    I would have the factory people as long as they are coming to take a look at it and take that into consideration.
  • 95nick
    95nick Member Posts: 13
    cracked secondary heat exchanger

      Factory rep was out today and says second heat exc. is cracked. He was very helpful and freindly. they will be shipping new unit next week and he will be there for the change out. I love this custmer but I told her weeks ago to call supplier but she insisted it was a gas or install porblem.only question is how much will quieside pay for labor? More important to just get problem re-solved .

      Thanx for all your replies.
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