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Burner shutting on and off frequently

Dave_T Member Posts: 3
Hi everybody. Having an issue with our older Peerless Hot Water furnace. It has the usual Becket burner on it.

Anyhow, it will fire up, shut off for split second, fire back up, and shut off for a split second. Sometimes it will do this several times, and it's starting to become more frequent. Sometimes it will run fine for a few minutes after it's shut off and on a few times. We have it serviced every fall, so the filter and nozzle should be good?

Any ideas? Could it be the igniter? Maybe the transformer? Maybe even a thermostat?

I'm not going to attempt to fix it, but I'd like to have an idea what it could be when the tech is here?

Thanks a bunch.



  • Al Letellier_21
    Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    burner short cycle

    Could be the stat or the relay in the aquastat. If you have the knowledge and ability to do this without hurting yourself, shut off the power to the boiler and jump out the TT connection where your thermostat connects. Turn on the power. IF the boiler continues to short cycle, it's not the T stat. If it runs OK, then look at the stat.

    IF the boiler continues to start/stop with TT jumped, most watch the gray relay in the aquastat, if it drops out and then pulls back in repeatedly, you need a new aquastat.

    Please, if you are not comfortable or knowledgeable about electricity, you should hire a pro to do this for you. BE CAREFUL.
  • Dave_T
    Dave_T Member Posts: 3

    Thanks AL,

    I'm not comfortable messing with electricity, so I'll have a pro come look at it. However, at least now I will have some information to give to my wife if I'm not here.

    Just curious, where is the "aquastat" on the Becket? What does it look like? I did a search here, and with Google, and I simply can't find a picture?

    Sorry for being a little "illiterate" on this stuff... guess that's why it's best to leave it to the pros.
  • Dave_T
    Dave_T Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2011
    Found it (them)

    Hi Al,

    I think I've found the aquastats (Honeywell boxes with the stat wires and electricity connections running into them). Seems we have two of them... one for the upstairs thermostats and one for the downstairs thermostat. I'm trying to isolate the bad stat or aquastat by turning the heat down in one zone, and up in the other.
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