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solo 110 control

  Good Morning,

  I am having trouble with my solo 110.  Last night I had no hot water.  I found a loose wire and reconnected it, started the unit with no problem. It ran fine all night, but today I noticed an E-05 error code displayed on the unit.  As you may know, this code is "Internal Control Failure".  I pushed the reset button and error E-04 showed, which is "Loss of Power After Lockout".  I replaced the control module, and I am still having the same error codes.  Please advise, my family has no heat and it is 16 deg outside.

Thank you in advance,



  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,554
    edited February 2011
    Hi Mike

    here is some information that may help:


    This error will occur if power to the boiler is lost after a lockout has occurred. The boiler must be manually reset and the original lockout code will be lost.

    This error will also occur if the service technician tries to reset a hard lockout by turning the boiler OFF and then ON as an attempt to reset the boiler.

    Verify polarity and proper ground on incoming 120V power connections

    This error may occur in rare cases if there is power interruption, surge or "Dirty" voltage. A relay kit is available and may be installed on the incoming voltage to the boiler. Some programmable thermostats can cause this to happen.


    This error may occur due to a short in either the ignition cable or display panel.

    Check flat ribbon cable to display for short.

    Check for moisture at display and repair cause of moisture, dry and/or replace display.

    Inspect ignition cable replace if necessary.

    Reset the boiler control module and retry ignition sequence and boiler operation.

    If problem continues, contact Triangle Tube Technical Support for additional assistance.


    Seeing it is the weekend I do not know if this guy will be available but you can try:

    Guy Woollard  508-930-6448 e-mail is [email protected]
  • solo 110 control

      Tim. thanks for getting back to me. My son & I tried doing the troubleshootnig you stated, however nothing worked. I did get a new control mod. & the same thing came up. E-04 I hit reset & it took about 2 min. to go to E-05. The ribbon cable is fine we did a continuity test on each wire, no problem, Now the ignition cable was at 723. The display had no wet areas or moisture. But now the display is blinking at E-04 & It will not reset. I am stuck at this point, I called the guy but no answer. Getting cold now. If you can think of anything else I can try please let me know.    Thank you for your help Mike.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,554
    It sounds like you may have lost the program

    for the system and it needs to be reset by going back, through the required parameters.

    There is also a possibility that the control board is bad.

    I called two numbers that I have which I am not permitted to give out and left a message on both. This is a tough time for this to happen, it is the weekend and on top of that it is Super Bowl Sunday tough to get anyone.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,554
    You might try pulling

    the sensing rod and cleaning it. Just to make sure it is not contaminated. Clean it with a soft clean emory cloth or very fine steel wool.
  • solo 110 control

       Tim.   I got in touch with the tech at triangle tube. He had me touch two leads at the open plug in. The upper & lower leads on the left hand side. That is another way of resetting the unit display. After that the unit ran great. So I had to replace the display

           I took the control mod back  & got the display, he just took off the cost of the control mod. No restock fee, he was very good about the situation. I thank you  for all the help.
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