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burnham oil boiler running 15 seconds

hardhard Member Posts: 4
then shutting off. Any clues what might be wrong?


  • addadd Member Posts: 94
    poor info

    this is another example of poor information ,no history of service, make of burner,from this tiny bit of info sounds like a bad cad eye, but again..........
  • hardhard Member Posts: 4
    Stack relay with honeywell aquastat

    will restart when reset is pushed and then again cuts off in 15 seconds? What to expect when serviceman arrives?
  • addadd Member Posts: 94
    just watch

    how he diagnoses the problem,step by step.with a stack relay now we are talking of a possible dead ignitor or clugged nozzle ,you still did not tell us when was your last service on the unit,keep up posted.
  • hardhard Member Posts: 4
    The boiler fires and the flue gets hot

    to the touch. Could it still be a dead ignitor or a clogged nozzle? I just dont want to pay for parts I dont need. Will for sure share the fix(if he gets it)
  • addadd Member Posts: 94
    you are right

    if the unit fires up you definetely do not have a bad ignitor or plugged may have a stack relay that is going bad or burner motor going bad,if you are lucky to get an experienced oil mechanic he wont be changing parts and diagnose the right way.
  • addadd Member Posts: 94
    stack relay

    if you have a chance let us have the number in the back of the stack relay thank you.
  • hardhard Member Posts: 4
    It was the cad cell

    Fellow showed up smelling of liquor, and showing holiday cheer. Took it apart changed the cad cell, let me look at the old one. It only cost me $98. I was very very happy to have heat and someone who did not tell me I needed a new one. Which I could figure that out for myself. Thank you for all your help.
  • addadd Member Posts: 94
    you welcome

    i am glad it worked out, the technician wasn't drunk enough.....
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