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Radiators at end of loops dont get hot

i have two circuits/loops/returns feeding off my supply line of the main floor of my home. the circulators are tied into one thermostat and come on at the same time. the radiators (one each) at the end of the loops don't get warm. recently had a new furnace installed and had the installer check out these two radiators. it was reported that both could pass water so there wasnt a problem with the radiators themselves. ive got thrush adjustable supply tees at each radiator (about 3 or 4 radiators on each circuit prior to the last one).

the end units just dont get good heat. ne interesting hting is that the end radiators thrish tees are installed horizontally (that is the pipes feeding from the tee to the radiator goes out for several feet then up to the radiator), all other radiators have their tees pointing up prior to any 90 degrees to get to the radiator). all piping is in basement.

circulators are on return side. i understand they only induce flow and dont have a lot to do with the pressure.

how should i start to isolate the cause of this problem.


  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    Was the issue there before........

    ......the new boiler was installed, or did it show up after?  What was installed and how was it piped in to the system? 

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  • heatguy
    heatguy Member Posts: 102

    any radiation hooked up to monoflo system thats on same level or below boiler must have 2  monoflo tees to work.
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