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Burnham Boilers from National Grid

Vad Member Posts: 55

Gas company (National Grid) offer discount 40 to 60% to Burnham boilers.

Are they good enough compared to other brands? Does it make sense to buy

a better brand to save money on maintenance / installation cost / energy consumption?

 I need it to work with baseboard heating.

Thank you,



  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,467
    Got your other posting

    about your old house and wanting to upgrade. If you go with Burnham on the high end look at the Alpine as a possibility. However I would look at making sure they are going to install emitters that will be conducive to working with the Alpine, that along with outdoor reset and other near boiler pipiing features such as a low loss header.
  • Vad
    Vad Member Posts: 55
    IThank you for the answer. f not Alpine, how good/bad the other boilers from Burnham?

    Are they require a lot of maintenance? Do they brake often?

    Back to Alpine, is the installation indeed much more expencive compared to other Burnham boilers?

    Thank you,

  • MP1013
    MP1013 Member Posts: 17
    Burnham Boilers

    Burnham puts out a great boiler. It is the one we recommend to all our clients in the Brooklyn Area. We have been putting them in for years. It is the installation that makes a difference. Just make sure it is installed according to the manufactures specifications located in the installation manual. We actually put that in our proposal along with the page number. You will be happy with this choice of boiler to heat your home.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,467
    Vad the Alpine is a Modulating/Condensing

    boiler very high efficiency at 90+or higher. Yes it is more expensive and Burnham are good boilers. Application is very important based on your situation as you have mixed systems and if you go with a lower efficiency Burnham such as the ES2 it can work well with a standard baseboard system.

    The installer is the most important thing to consider when getting ready to do this install. Ask if they will service after installation, will they do a heat loss on the house, ask about outdoor reset and domestic hot water such as using an indirect.
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