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boiler overflow tank leak

jeffrey Member Posts: 8
I have an old, over 60years, hot water radiator system. the boiler has an overflow tank mounted into the ceiling, which seems to have developed a leak.

a hot water heater is located below the overflow.  replacing the overflow will require cutting and removing the plumbing to the hot water heater, along with some ceiling damage. not to mention the hassle of trying to work without being able to get directly below the tank.

i presume that it isn't a good idea to run the system without the overflow tank?  would it work to connect another one in another location, perhaps on the floor?

Other possible solutions?


  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    I am not sure what you mean by overflow tank.

    If you mean an old style expansion tank, a simpler solution might be to disconnect the old tank, and drain it, and leave it there. Then install a modern diaphragm type expansion tank somewhere else. With the new type of tank, you will want an air separator where the supply water leaves the boiler. Just below that is where the makeup water enters your system (usually) and the new tank will go under that. If you are not a professional, you may wish to hire one.

    If your system is 60 years old, you may wish to consider replacing the boiler with a more efficient modern one. If funds do not permit this, it is time to start saving up for one.
  • jeffrey
    jeffrey Member Posts: 8
    yes, its an expansion tank.

    thanks jd. 

    i looked at boiler replacement last summer.  looked at a few different boilers. payback, time to break even,  was between 9-16 years, depending on unit (assuming 50% efficiency on the current unit).  since the current unit was working ok,  that was enough to dissuade me.

    not surprising that there is a new method of dealing with the issue of expansion. i'll look into diaphragm type expansion tanks. see what they cost.
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