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Best Flashlight ?

Devan Member Posts: 138
My eyes are not getting any younger, and I find myself looking for a flashlight/worklight more and more.

I'm currently carrying a small LED type pocket light that was given to me by a sales rep but it uses a lot of batteries and now I have to tap it once in a while to turn on.

For bigger areas I have a 18volt DeWalt with a flex head for positioning, but it's not all that bright.

I'm, looking for something really bright,portable,and can clamp or hang and stay put, durable, and won't put me in the poor house from buying batteries.

What are you guys using?


  • MikeyB
    MikeyB Member Posts: 696
    edited July 2010

    Check out Pelican flashlights,
  • Snap-On Flashlight

    Got this idea from a friend of mine who is an automobile mechanic. I leave the charger in the shop, recharge overnight(every few days), never had one go dead in 4 years. Great warranty service if needed.

    Right near the top of my list for great simple tools!
  • Slimpickins
    Slimpickins Member Posts: 323
    edited July 2010

    I have a TerraLux Lightstar220 and love it. They're kinda pricey ($44) but worth every penny. I have a battery charger and have fresh ones ready to go even though batteries last a long time with this flashlight.

    I just checked amazon and they're on sale for $29.95, think I'll order another!
  • Devan
    Devan Member Posts: 138
    A myriad of choices

    Thanks all for your suggestions.

    Searching the web, there are countless flashlights out there.

    One search landed me at price seems good, too.
  • TonyS
    TonyS Member Posts: 849
    Milwaukee 12 volt

    Recently I have been buying the Milwaukee 12 volt lithium cutter, screw gun and the latest..the 12 volt PVC Cutter. So I have a few of these batteries around. I even installed a inverter in the cab of my truck to recharge them. Anyway.. I figured I might as well try their new 12 volt LED flashlight (50 bucks) I was a bit skeptical because it only had one LED in it unlike my numerous other lights that have groups of LEDs. It works great!! No more running out of batteries...It is extremely bright, has a ratcheting head. It has a lifetime warranty. I only wish it had a stronger magnet on the side. Other than that it is the best flashlight I have owned.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,466
    Make sure it is

    "intrinsically" safe, that means it can be used in an explosive gas environment.
  • Unknown
    edited July 2010

    are you THAT bored Tim?

    People being "blown-up" by flashlights is on everyones mind.

    Now I`ll check-out my sock drawer for any methane! :-)
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,514
    Tim's Reply

    Is something to think about.  Was at a safety class a few years ago the instructor told us about a Friend of his who was an OSHA inspector. He was inspecting a 440V buss panel at a hospital with his trusty Mag light. Being humidity, and dust conditions were just right the panel grabbed him threw him across the room, he never made contact with the flash light. He resides in a nursing home now.

  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,665
    Explosion-Safe really matters sometimes.

    I worked for a little company making electronic equipment. One time we got a contract from a major chemical manufacturer to provide some electronic equipment, but it had to be safe from explosive gasses. So we had a 1/2" thick cast steel container and lid, with O-ring seal made up for it. The electrical connections were, likewise explosion proof. Lots of stainless cap screws to hold the lid on. A real pain between the back pockets when we wanted to open the thing for adjustment, both because of all the cap screws, and because we had to close down the factory and evacuate all the employees. I do not know what they were processing. Employees were searched on the way in to make sure thay had no matches or cigarette lighters. They could smoke only in  a room with double doors (air-lock type) and electric lighters that would work only in that room.

    We sure learned something from that contract. Other vendors also had electronic equipment in there. But their equipment was in plastic boxes with an air line going in; air provided by the customer. Because that air pressure ensured that no flammable gasses flowed into the boxes, so no explosions could occur.
  • Devan
    Devan Member Posts: 138
    Safe Flashlights

    Tim ,

    I don't see any wording or ratings on any flashlights that would be "safe".

    What do I look for?
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,466
    The best place to get

    a safe flashlight is at a "Safety Store" that sells safety equipment. Most other places have probably never heard of an "intrinsically" safe flashlight.
  • Fortunat
    Fortunat Member Posts: 103
    another source...

    another source for intrinsically safe flashlight is stores that cater to firefighters. We have a couple in our area. I think all the flashlights that have the NFPA symbol on them are intrinsically safe.

    Though I should say the NFPA logo also seems to add about 80% to the price of most things.

  • maine rick
    maine rick Member Posts: 107

    i bought a POWER-BRIGHT BAR at sam's club rechargable mag. on bottom works great the best light i've bought so far. change oil filters at tank stick it on tank to light the filter can't get them at sam's club. whent to  lowe's bought the black&decker bright bar no mag. with this one so i removed them from the old one works good about 22.00. last about 2 yrs. last all day on low
  • Cosmo_2
    Cosmo_2 Member Posts: 43

    Streamlight makes a model called "survivor", it's a right angle rechargeable flashlight that's brighter than a 4 D cell maglight but smaller.  I have the kit that includes a vehicle charger base that's mounted in my van that can charge/maintain the flashlight and a spare battery.  5 years later it's still going strong, and I haven't wasted anymore money on flashlights/battery's since!

    Today the survivor is available in an led model...... It's a couple bucks more but it's the last flashlight you will buy.

  • Cosmo_2
    Cosmo_2 Member Posts: 43
    Streamlight link

    The model I have includes the "piggyback" charger

  • BobbyG
    BobbyG Member Posts: 79
    flash fire caused by broken light.

    Thanks Timmy for reminding us to be careful, even for flashlights. This was a broken light that caused the flash fire below:
  • Devan
    Devan Member Posts: 138
    There's an App for that.

    Found a cool app for my Blackberry, FlashLight One touch. It turns your phone into a flashlight via using it's camera flashbulb .
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