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UB95M-200 shaking on startup

Norm Member Posts: 1

I installed a UB95M-200 propane powered furnace a couple of years ago in my new house. Originally it had a whistling problem when it was running and would error out all the time.  After have a technician come out and try to fix it and much research I found Technical Bulletin NO. 080716 which described the problem to a tee.  This January, I got the replacement parts as specified by the bulletin and fixed the furnace.  It still shuttered a little bit on startup, but not too bad.  Over time, it’s gotten worse and worse.  I think it seams to shake the most on the first startup after it’s been sitting for a while.  I’ve replaced the igniter, but that didn’t fix the problem.  Any ideas what might be wrong with my furnace?</span>


  • Utica

    Have you called their homeowner assistance line? 866-847-6656

    When I hear a boiler whistling or rumbling, it usually has to do with an unhappy heat exchanger (HX).  Check to make sure there is good flow through the HX.  Your boiler will modulate down to 80,000 BTU's, but even this may be too much for the HX to pass on to the water if only a small zone is calling for heat.

    Primary-secondary piping can be critical to a multi-zoned system in order to provided proper flow and keep the boiler happy.  Check with your installer to see if he piped it this way.
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