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two pipe steam leak

Josh_15 Member Posts: 3

Sorry if this is stupid question, but we live in a 7 story building that has two pipe steam. We are on the 6th floor. One seam in the cast iron baseboard radiator has separated and is leaking. It's a small leak and I have a bowl underneath to catch the water and will have the plumber come out to fix it soon, but my question is this: The heat in the building has been off for well over a week since it's been warm in the 70's here. Why is there still small amounts of water leaking from the radiator? Again, sorry but it seems bizarre to me. Maybe it makes perfect sense, but any thoughts would be appreciated.




  • toilburn
    toilburn Member Posts: 44
    water leak

    For some reason it takes forever for all the condensate to return. I have removed a steam boiler and returned days later to install the new one and the pipes are still dripping.
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,166
    The boiler may still be on.

    The boiler may run for a domestic tankless heater. This would mean some vapor is always going up into the system even though it does not have enough heat in it to warm the baseboard it still travels with in the system.
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