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Burnam boiler intermittently not starting


I have a Burnam boiler that intermittently doesn't fully start. It is equipped with an electronic spark ignition for lighting the pilot. I'll randomly notice a zone is calling for heat and a circulator is just running pumping cold water. If I power cycle it one or two times, it usually starts back up fine. When it doesn't start up on the first try, this is what I see....

1. Damper opens

2. 24V comes on between PV and PV/MV and 14V between MV and PV/MV

3. Sparking starts and pilot lights

4. Sparking stops and pilot remains lit.

5. MV and PV/MV stays at 14V. Main gas does not turn on

6. About 5 seconds later, you hear a click and the pilot goes out.

7. Circulator keeps pumping and burner doesn't ever try to relight.

When it lights successfully, MV to PV/MV in step 5 above goes to 24V and the main gas comes on successfully.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be here?

If it's important, the gas valve is a Honeywell VR204C6000 and the ignition module is a Honeywell S8610M.




  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,518
    First thing to do is clean the pilot

    and the flame rod with soft clean emory cloth. Then recheck if you continue to get the 14 volts at the MV/PV-MV terminals disconnect the gas valve and see if it goes to 24 volts if so replace the gas valve, if it continues with the valve disconnected then replace the S8610M module.
  • cpyne2
    cpyne2 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you.

    Thank you! Cleaning it did the trick.
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