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Cooling thru radiant tubing

Any body had any experiance with geothermal cooling thru radiant tubing?I got a phone call today from a company in Pennsylvania looking for a contractor to install ceiling radiant heat thru panels and pex tube(which I have done) and do the cooling thru the same tubing(installed in the ceiling) which I have not done.He says they can control the humidity so there is no sweating. Any comments or suggestions? can it be feasibly done?

Steven G. 


  • NRT_Rob
    NRT_Rob Member Posts: 1,013
    it's possible

    radiant ceilings can generate up to 25 BTUs/sq ft of cooling or so under normal conditions.

    however humidity control and water temps need to be watched together quite carefully. I have no idea how feasible this is in PA. But the big commercial boys do "DOAS" ventilation systems with independent humidity control to take care of the latent and some sensible load and do the lion's share of the sensible with the radiant ceiling panel.

    it's a lot to think about (condensation alarms, use of the space, etc) but it seems doable. ceiling radiant being about double the cooling output of radiant floor makes it a better choice for this for sure.

    I'd use PAP tubing though.. from cooling temps (55 degrees or so?) to heating (120?) could be a lot of expansion on long runs. and I'd want it straight who is on the hook for the cooling design.
    Rob Brown
    Designer for Rockport Mechanical
    in beautiful Rockport Maine.
  • wuarhat
    wuarhat Member Posts: 2

    Can you name any books that address this technique, and especially the humidity control and monitoring process. thanks
  • NRT_Rob
    NRT_Rob Member Posts: 1,013
    stanley Mumma

    is the guy.

    Rob Brown
    Designer for Rockport Mechanical
    in beautiful Rockport Maine.
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,086
    Radiant Cooling

    I was just having a nice conversation yesterday with Aarron Aourada of Radiant Technology (not the internet guy) concerning radiant cooling. He has been doing Radiant Cooling for 6 years and has the do's and don't's down. He said that his customers love it but also say's that suspended type applications don't perform well due to their lack of mass. His best results are on applications with concrete or light weight pours. If you'd like his e-mail address I have it.
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