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Where did JPF go?

beautiful Conshohocken PA


  • Luv'nsteam
    Luv'nsteam Member Posts: 272
    Finding jpf321

    He is not/was not getting email alerts, if that is why you are wondering where he is.  Find a thread with one of his posts and contact him directly from there.

  • TomM
    TomM Posts: 233

    nah, I added that jokingly b/c I haven't seen any posts in awhile. 
    beautiful Conshohocken PA
  • Luv'nsteam
    Luv'nsteam Member Posts: 272
    Where's jpf?

    He must be reading Greening Steam.  :  )

  • SBoston
    SBoston Member Posts: 61
    Green Steam

    Can't wait to get that book... just need to save cash... these days 30.00 is hard to come by.
  • jpf321
    jpf321 Member Posts: 1,567
    edited March 2010
    i'm here ..

    a couple of weeks ago I started working on a solar PV project for the home. and then life started getting busy, had to fly to Cali last week, had to sell a house this week .. thanks for thinking of me.

    fyi, i don't think the solar PV thing is in the cards .. but solar DHW maybe.

    btw, it turns out that all of my email alerts were being vacuumed up as SPAM by .. I think I've sorted that out .. but for anyone else with email alert issues, check your SPAM folder and mark as "Not Spam"
    1-pipe Homeowner - Queens, NYC

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    installed: 0-20oz/si gauge | vaporstat | hour-meter | gortons on all rads | 1pc G#2 + 1pc G#1 on each of 2 mains

    Connected EDR load: 371 sf venting load: 2.95cfm vent capacity: 4.62cfm
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