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Bradfordwhite combicore

fixin Member Posts: 1
We have installed these for many years and have had decent success with heating applications. J<strong>ust curious on others experiences with them, pros and cons. Also the old versus the newer design, piping and pumping arrangements.</strong>
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  • CombiCor & PowerCor

    All the ones I have installed have failed; typically at the heat exchanger.  Others have had the same experience.  It may be the water, it may be the heat exchanger material, but I don't use them anymore.
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  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,898
    The original

    CombiCors were problematic. They had a small diameter composite tube HX. They developed leaks,mainly where the coil came through the tank. They also had high pressure drop when trying to flow the heat side.

    The new version has a large diameter steel coil, lots of surface area and very low pressure drop. I believe it is available with a single or double walled HX Combi 1 or Combi2.

    I'm not sure what year they made the switch. The new version performs well, and should last a long time. I believe that HX coil is used by a few other brands, been around a long time.


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