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GB142 and high gas bills

Dave_22Dave_22 Member Posts: 232
I have a GB-142/24 with Dianorm panels with TRV's and an indirect tank in a 1800 sq. ft house. My last propane bill was $390 for a month which seems excessive. There is really only one problem i see and i'm not sure if it would cause the high bill- it seems like i don't have enough radiation in the room with the buderus analog thermostat. I have a hard time hitting setpoint sometimes when it is cold out. If i have it set on 67 i might only get up to 64. All the the other room TRV's have closed and they are fine, but the boiler keeps running beacuse the thermostat room is still cool. I'm surprised with that little flow, the loop water doesn't overtemp, but it never seems to and the setpont is never hit either. Basically, it runs all the time. The house cathedral ceilings throughout, so there is a lot to heat also. Does this seem like a problem and do you view these propane costs as high for this application? thanks.


  • TonySTonyS Member Posts: 849
    How much

    are you paying for propane?
  • Dave_22Dave_22 Member Posts: 232

    Paying $1.79 gallon. Used 204 gallons last month.
  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 4,357
    The fact that

    you are not able to reach set point on cold days brings into question the design temperature set up on your system. You stated that you have insufficient radiation in the area which contains the thermostat, that along with the cathedral ceilings can be an issue. You may want to put some ceiling fans in to push some of the warm air back down into the living space or think about installing more radiation in the area.

    The bill is incidental if you are not comfortable and that sounds like part of the issue with only getting to 64 when set at 67.

    Was a heat loss done prior to installation of the GB142?

    You may want to check the settings on the TRV's, are any of those areas too warm?
  • Dave_22Dave_22 Member Posts: 232
    high bills

    I think the design temp was 5 or 10 and a heatloss was done. Maybe that room was miscalculated. I turn the TRV's up all the way in the thermostat room as buderus has advised. The system is extremely comfortable-even the 64  doesn't feel cold, but it just seems like the boiler will never shutdown and that's why my bills are high. I have 2X6 construction also and really thought i would have pretty low bills.
  • CMadatMeCMadatMe Member Posts: 3,066
    edited March 2010
    Panel Rads

    Probably were not sized correctly. Most outputs are not based on 180 degree water and there are correction factors that need to be figured at the design stage. Check out this attachment as it may help you in calculating out what you can get on the rads you have and where you need to go to.

    How where these piped? Is this a constant circulation system?
    "The bitter taste of a poor installation remains much longer than the sweet taste of the lowest price."
  • TonySTonyS Member Posts: 849
    Could be that

    your outdoor reset curve is to low. Reset the curve at a higher design temp. With the curve set properly the boiler should run almost 24/7
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