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Equalizer side?

My question is about your equalizer line. If you had a boiler with 2 risers going into a drop header and your return piping was on the right side of the boiler but you had to go left to the supply piping, could you equalize off the right side or do you have to equalize in this scenario off the left side and pipe back around the boiler to pick the returns up. Basically my question is can you equalize off the opposite direction the steam is headed, when you have multiple risers. If not what are the results if done this way?


  • kevin_58
    kevin_58 Member Posts: 61

    the equilizer drains water from header so you have to pipe it drop header then take offs to mains then equilizer. If not that way it wont drain water from header. Why not move return.
  • jpf321
    jpf321 Member Posts: 1,567

    steam and header condensate always need to move in the same direction. 
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  • Equalizer

    Someone either earlier this year or last year was piped the way you are asking about and had BIG problems.  The order in the header should be: steam risers from the boiler, steam risers going from the header to the main, and then the equalizer at the end of the header. The header should be sloped towards the equalizer.  That way both the steam and the condensate travel in the same direction. If you pipe the equalizer to the other end (before the boiler risers) the steam and condensate streams, flowing in opposite directions, would collide causing big problems.

    - Rod
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