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Burnham ignition module flaw

imjafj Member Posts: 2
my Burnham gas boiler (steam heat) was not lighting consistently. Had my local service company replace the flame sensor with no change, then the ignition module with no change. Then they did more research and came up with a redesigned ignition module from Burnham (S8610M made by Honeywell). So now I have  a new module, but I'm told they redesigned it because the original one didn't respond well to slightly low gas pressure. This new one is supposed to. So - I've had to pay about $1000 because of a design flaw it seams. Have you heard of this and do you think Burnham has any responsibility to help pay for the service I had to pay for only because of a design flaw? 


  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    edited January 2010
    Q:? Ignition module???

    This module does not care how much gas you have available.  It's either there or NOT.  Now, your gas valve is a different story.  It has a min/Max requirement in order to work safely and correctly.  According to you,.....the flame sensor was replaced, then the ignition module.  When you say slightly lo gas pressure, That is not even up for discussion..:-)  What do they mean as in slightly lo?  Equipment specs. say it in black and white as far as the incoming gas pressure and the manifold pressure.  The ignition module HAS NO CONTROL as to what the gas supply or lack there of is.     

    SO obvious I can even comment any more.

    What they told you is almost like telling you since you filled your gas tank in the car, It will not fire because you put in more than 1/2 tank, but less that 7/8 tank...  I'm at a loss

    Mike T
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,597
    Reply form a very good

    source at Burnham:

    I have no idea what they are referencing. As you most certainly know, Burnham does not manufacture ignition modules or pilot assemblies. The change in ignition modules occurred a few years back from the grey bodied S8610 to the present black S8610. The primary differences being the flame and status LED diagnostic lights and Environcom jack. The new Honeywell pilot assemblies utilize a fixed silicone type flame sensor/ignitor wire versus the older orange wire with boot. Overall, we have not seen any significant problems with either the new modules or pilot assemblies. I've encountered a select few where the pilot would ignite and prove and allow the main gas to come on and then drop out. We have found that the draft increase through the boiler at main flame was wafting the pilot flame upward away from the sensor and ground strap.

    This could possibly be due to marginally low gas pressure but I doubt it as changing the pilot assembly has taken care of it. Excessive chimney draft could also be a contributing factor. In some cases where a pilot assembly could not be obtained readily, we have had the techs tweak the pilot hood a little forward so the pilot is washing the flame rod a bit more and that has worked as well. As you also know, this is not really a Burnham issue, but rather a Honeywell QC issue. I can honestly say that the number of instances of flame failure problems we have had with these new modules and pilot assemblies has been quite minute when compared to the quantity of boilers we have out there equipped with them.


     I think someone is spoofing you IMJAFJ.
  • imjafj
    imjafj Member Posts: 2
    seems to be fixed

    Well - the older gray module was the one that was supposedly flawed.

    In the weeks since they replaced it with the black one I have not had the same issue recur - so whether it was the low pressure story or not - the newer, black iginition module has 'fixed' the problem.
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