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Manifold Question

Kungur Member Posts: 49
As I have been reading diferent websites about manifold I came across one that suggested using a "Parallel Header" as an extended manifold. Basically the idea is to run 2 copper pipes perpendicular to the pex tubing(this is in a staple up under the subfloor sit) and then make your connection at this poit after reaching the maximum length of your loop. The idea is to "save" running the pex all the way back to a manifold. This would increase the usable loop length. The copper header would be insulated both supply and return.

So is there any merit to this idea? Any downsides?


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  • Mark Eatherton
    Mark Eatherton Member Posts: 5,853
    Advantage and disadvantages of long running manifolds.

    Advantage = Inexpensive, easy way to do method of manifolding. Works great provided all loops are exactly the same length.

    Disadvantages: Must some how be concealed if ceiling is to be finished. May require ball valves on each branch circuit to aid in purging if all loops are not exactly the same length. Each soldered joint represents a potential leak.

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