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Munchkin boilers

Al_11 Member Posts: 34
I have a Munchkin boiler problem. It is running on Propane, Glycol solution, and 4 Zones. It has a differential-pressure bypass line between the supply and return lines leading to the 4 zones.

     The problem is every now and then it seems like the gas valve on low fire will set up a harmonic that vibrates through the mechanical room and up into the cabin. It can go days with out doing it and then it will do it off and on for an hour or two.

     The last time I checked my CO was 80 and my CO2 at 9.5

     I have come across this before with a natural gas system and never could resolve it, I ended up replacing the boiler due to inttermitant lock outs that could not be eliminated no matter how many times the CO and CO2 were dialed in.

     This drove me and my customer crazy, not to mention the wasted hours and money.

     Help Al


  • Lar_2
    Lar_2 Member Posts: 3
    munchkin help....

    We had one a couple years back and finally the blower completely shattered.  When we told the munchkin rep we were going to rip it out and put in a Buderus we were told it was using old software/settings.  We got different blower, different control board and haven't had the harmonics since.  We went thru everything also, gas pressure, CO, CO2 and the customer was sure he just got the melted down lego set.  Check with Munchkin rep. Maybe you have the same problem.
    just dealin'
  • Al_11
    Al_11 Member Posts: 34
    Munchkin boilers

    That sounds about right, it is the old board with the Led blinking the  fault codes. Between the blower and the board I think I am half way to a new boiler. I have been in contact with the rep and of course they have never heard of a problem like this before, both times.

         Thanks for your help  Al
  • jaydiemme
    jaydiemme Member Posts: 13
    having the same problem

    ive had the same problem but with a brand new propane contender. HTProducts (the company that makes them) has told me repeatedly that it is a gas adjustment problem, and the gas company has checked the adjustment several times and said everything is fine.

    What size gas line are you using? how close to the regulator? I have heard that it you are too close to a regulator the harmonics normally associated with a regulator can affect the gas flow at the valve. Mine is close enough where i think that might be my problem but i am going to wait until spring to repipe the gas.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,556
    On a lot of these Mod/Con

    systems you need some horizontal piping before entering the equipment. The noise or harmonic is typical when there is no run. It is also a good idea to have a minimum 3/4" black pipe line on that run. CSST and Tubing can be a problem. On LP systems locating the equipment to close to the second stage regulator can also cause problems with the negative pressure gas valve which is a double diaphragm "Zero" regulator which will work off the second stage regulator diaphragm. Again by getting some distance in piping on a horizontal run will help.
  • jaydiemme
    jaydiemme Member Posts: 13
    edited January 2010
    not trying to hijack your thread, but i think we have the same problem

    does your gas piping look like this? i think i have it all wrong. Just like McElwain said i have very little horizontal followed by some CSST. im not sure how i can change this, maybe turn the line to the right extend it and the loop it back to add some horizontal run
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,244
    May be worth checking out this

    I had 2 H.B. Smith boilers, they are the rebadged New Yorker wall hung mod-con Stainless steel boilers. The motor mounts were cracked and on low burner they made bad noises. SInce they were the first 2 I had ever installed I was scratching my head because I new the noise was wrong but was not sure if it was "suppose" to sound that way. I had a hard time keeping them tuned in also. The ending is new blowers and they have been great ever since. I was fortunate as they were covered by the manufacturer.
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