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steam boiler piping

3labs Member Posts: 3
Wondering if anyone is having any problems with Peerless residential steam boilers. I have a couple of them that are making steam too fast. I used the Peerless piping kit and skimmed the boilers. If I reduce the gas pressure it makes steam properly. Two of the boilers have developed holes in the cast sections. Looking to see if anyone else has come across this, or if I'm the only lucky guy out there.


  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,322
    How are they sized?

    Are they sized to the E.D.R.? If they are making the steam too fast it sounds like they are over sized.
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  • holy sections

    could there be something [chlorides ?] in the water, or salt/chemicals stored near the boiler? even a dried out floor drain leaking sewer gas could cause early failure. an out of control waterline could also give the sections some repeated thermal shock. maybe there is a water-softener on the feed line.

    if it makes steam too fast, does it short-cycle? what do they say at peerless tech support [610-369-3208]? fast boiling should not necessarily be a fault. have you clocked the meter? peerless may offer the mod-pack burner hi-lo-hi burner control for this model.--nbc
  • 3labs
    3labs Member Posts: 3
    so far nothing


    If it was one house I would consider a leaking valve or floor drain. I just went and looked at boiler #4 with a problem. It's a scary thing when Peerless tells you "you shouldn't have followed the instructions. They were supposed to change them." We've had the Peerless rep in the basement staring at them. And they can't come up with any ideas. An old oil guy in the supply house said he started plugging off two burners on his boilers after 40 years! Thanks for getting back.
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