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Help relocating a convector

I need to relocate a convector to another location 8' away. I have a 2 pipe steam system, and although I've read that copper is not good to use near the boiler, this is on the opposite part of the house and on the 2nd floor. I'm hoping that it's okay to pipe this over with copper.

If it will be fine, should I try to match the ID as close as possible to the supply and return pipe sizes that are now there, or go larger? Also, I am curious why the return pipe is 1/2" on the vertical but turns to 3/4" once it connects into the floor on the horizontal portion. Must the pipe size always be smaller on the return leg, and will I need to do that with copper?

My picture shows the job in question.




  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,675
    You can

    do this in copper, although threaded black iron is better if you know how to work it (and it isn't that hard to learn -- I for one actually find black iron easier to work, but then I'm used to it).  The problem is expansion, and it doesn't really matter whether it's near the boiler or far away.  Be very very professional in soldering your joints... (and be careful of fire, anywhere near old wood).

    You should try to keep the pipe sizes (ID's) reasonably close to what's there.  If you have to differ, go the next size up.  Horizontal runs are often bigger, because there needs to be room for the condensate to flow easily as well as the steam (in a supply) or air (in a return).
    Br. Jamie, osb
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  • alcraig
    alcraig Member Posts: 28
    Size choices

    I can't thread the pipe myself, and I'm good at sweating so that's easier for me.

    The reason I wasn't sure, is because the copper will be slightly narrower if I don't up the size to the next increment.

    If I went with the same dimension the sizes would be:

    3/4" Threaded pipe ID: .824" --> 3/4" L Copper pipe ID: .785" (the next increment, 1" L ID is 1.025" ?)

    1/2" Threaded pipe ID: .622" --> 1/2" L Copper pipe ID: .545" (or should I use the 3/4" L Copper ID: .785" ?)

    I'm avoiding using a thinner M copper pipe, but it would increase the ID slightly, if that's better.

    And should I maintain the reduced size on the return vertical pipe or can I use the same size pipe for all sections?


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