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Weil-McLane HE II - 3 shutting down

JefNY Member Posts: 2

I have a 16 year old Weil-McLane Model: HE II - 3 natural gas boiler. Last winter I noticed the boiler would fire up ok and run, but I would hear the blower shut down for about 1 second them come back on. The boiler would remain running though.

This fall I noticed I had a problem where the boiler apparently was not detecting the flame, and after two power up sequences fail with a blinking red "Valve/Flame" LED. I replaced the Rollout Thermal Fuse a couple weeks ago. That appeared to fix the problem.

But I would still hear the blower turn off for a second then immediately come back on while the boiler was running. It might do this once every minute or so, but the boiler would stay running. But for the past few weeks the boiler would at least stay running.

Now, the boiler will start up and run for a while....and I still hear the blower go off and back on ever minute or so (which it should not do, but..)....but now after 4 or 5 minutes the boiler shuts down with the blinking red "Valve/Flame" LED error again.

Can anyone tell me why the blower keeps turning off then on again while the boiler is running...and why the boiler now keeps shutting down after a few minutes with the "Valve/Flame" error?

Oh, the boiler was also cleaned and had a brand new gas valve put in three years ago by a plumber.




  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,621
    What is the make

    and number of the Integrated Boiler control on your unit? This will help in diagnosing your problem. Is it a Honeywell S9301 or a United Technolgy unit 1013-200?
  • JefNY
    JefNY Member Posts: 2

    I think I fixed it. Last winter we had an ice storm and my electrician friend wired the boiler to an extension cord so I could temporarily plug the furnace into a generator. I have been trying to get him back here to wire it back into the the breaker panel, and install the Reliance single-circuit transfer switch I bought so in the future I can easily power the furnace from a generator. Anyway, last night I took some time and rewired the furnace back into the breaker panel myself. The old extension cord I was using may have been cause of the problem. The furnace seems to be fine now. My electrician friend Ray should be back here in the next two days to check/fix my temporary re-wire job and install the transfer switch I bought....Thanks, Jeff
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