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gas steam boiler


I'm can't seem to find a gas steam boiler with a rating of 82 or higher to qualify for a local utility rebate. My contractor recommended a slant fin 245000 btu with a rating of 81.7. Is there a gas steam boiler  with a higher rating ? Does anybody have a better recomendation ? Would I be sorry with a slant fin ? I'm very unsure of what to get.

Also , is a 245000 btu considered high ? I understand that with a gas steam unit , a manual j doesnt matter as much as the number of radiators in the house , which is 11 over 2 floors. The house is not insulated very well.

Finally , would any reputable aircondition/heating contractor be up to this job ?, it's only a boiler replacement.

Thanks for your help.


  • your best bet is

    Your best bet to have all the answer to your questions is to get a REAL steam heating pro to look over the system... have you order the steamy deal books from this site? After reading those books, you'll know more than the average sorched , air cond service companies
  • Gas Boilers

    For gas, one of the Steam Pros on this site recommends the Slant/Fin Intrepid or Smith G-8 as they "are basically wet-base oil-fired boilers that are also factory-approved for use with power gas burners. Their thermal efficiency is roughly 6% better than the usual atmospheric steamer"

    I'm sure a lot of people got a chuckle out of your statement: "it's only a boiler replacement.". I know it might seem like a fairly easy job but it is very important to get the boiler piping configured properly other wise you have an inefficient disaster that barely functions and burns a lot of fuel. The fact is that there aren't that many heating professionals that really understand steam so make sure you get one that does. You might want to take a look at "Find a Professional" at the top of this page and see if there is a steam pro that is local to you.

    As rjb suggested, you want to get "the books"  "We Got Steam Haet and "The Lost Art of Steam Heating". They are available on this site in a package or individually.

    Here is a  link to the package ("A Steamy Deal")


    "The books" are easy reading, humorous and written so the home owner can understand them. They wil give you all the information you have to know about steam heating and things like how to figure the correct size for a replacement boiler. if you have a question on steam heating you'll find the answer in these books.

    My copies have paid for themselves many, many times over.

    - Rod
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,299
    edited November 2009

    As Rob said, "only" a boiler replacement causes a certain amount of merriment and glee.

    A steam boiler must be installed properly.  Not only must the near boiler piping be installed as the boiler manual requires, at a minimum -- no shortcuts permitted.  Further, the vertical placement of the boiler is often somewhat critical -- water line either too low or too high relative to the whole rest of the system can cause endless and almost incurable problems.

    I would not say that any competent HVAC contractor would be up to the job, although a few might.  Not to depreciate their skills and dedication to quality, but that it is unlikely that they have ever actually done a steam boiler replacement.  Hydronic, perhaps.  Steam, unlikely.  However, you may find one by asking; you may find one from Find a Professional on this site.  I myself, if that didn't work, would be inclined to look for a very good plumber who was willing to spin pipe (they're few and far between, too!) and willing to learn.  Between the boiler manual and Dan's books, if he's willing to learn, you should be able to get a first class job.
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • bagels
    bagels Member Posts: 2
    update on boiler

    thanks for all your replies. I checked the "find a professional" section, but the closest steam pro listed is in DC,nothing in NY. You did educate me somewhat. I'll go with a trusted AC/Heat contractor with a slant fin.The boiler is on order. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Thanks again
  • Get the Books!

    There are pros in NY listed above in "Find a Professional"  Try it again as the new software sometimes doesn't show them.

     If you're going with your AC/Heat contractor, make sure you get the Books!!!!! -  "We Got Steam Heat and "The Lost Art of Steam Heating" as they will tell you exactly how a steam system should be installed. Believe me I know from costly experience how few heating pros really understand steam heating. They may think they do but if you watch this board over the winter you'll soon see how many don't.  Without the knowledge in the books and /or a good steam pro, your odds of coming out okay are about the same as a virgin's at a drunken frat party!

    - Rod
  • jpf321
    jpf321 Member Posts: 1,568
    where in NY

    I'm a HO and not a PRO but curious as to where you are in NY?
    1-pipe Homeowner - Queens, NYC

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