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push nipples cast iron basaeboard

     I am reinstalling cast iron baseboard for a customer of mine that just finished renovating a house he bought.  He installed new windows throughout the house and sprayed closed cell polyurethane foam insulation on all exterior walls and also in the ceilings of all the rooms. The original baseboard lengths are now way oversized. 

     I am separating some of the sections of the radiators, but I am having a hard time removing the steel push nipples between the sections.

      I was wondering if any of you out there have a better way than me to remove them. I am currently heating the bushing with the torch and then I chip out pieces of the bushing with a small chisel and a hammer. I get them out but what a pain in the ^%$(^$)+. I know somebody out there must have a trick up their sleeve when it comes to this,

     Somebody please................................tell me how to pull a rabbit out of a hat!!!!!


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