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Pressure gauge and Pressuretrol

<span><span style="color:#000000">We have a Pennco boiler that had a broken pressure gauge when we took over the property. I replaced the pressure gauge and added a pigtail to avoid cooking it but could not get a reading from it. I have now tried two new gauges but neither moves above zero. I unclogged the pigtail to the Pressuretrol to ensure that was not a factor. I tested the cut off to the Pressuretrol and that worked fine. I have tried increasing the pressure on the Pressuretrol but still not reading on the gauge. So basically I don't know whether the Pressuretrol really is working properly or how to get an accurate reading on the Pressure Gauge. The system overall is now performing well since I insulated all the pipes, added new Gorton #2' (thanks Maddog) and the </span></span><span><span style="color:#000000">radiators are heating pretty evenly after adjusting all the vents. </span></span><span><span style="color:#000000">I just want to know what level of pressure the system is running at and whether the pressuretrol is working correctly. I am trying to make our system as economical and efficient as possible given last seasons bills. Any ideas?



  • Steamhead
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    That 30 PSI gauge

    is a Code requirement. Boilers are required to have gauges capable of reading twice the boiler's maximum allowable working pressure. Since a low-pressure steam boiler is rated for up to 15 PSI, which has nothing to do with the systems we connect them to, the gauge must read up to 30 PSI.

    This does not prevent us from installing gauges that read lower, as long as the 30 PSI gauge stays there. Try "The Gauge Store" for low-pressure gauges-[url=http://www.gaugestore.com]www.gaugestore.com .
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  • Pressure Gauge

    Hi Nick-  You mentioned adding new gauges. What is the pressure range of these? If it's like the code required gauge 0- 30 PSI, it may be hard to get a reading on it. Most people are using an additional 0-3 PSI gauge.  Pressuretrols are notoriously inaccurate at very low pressures which is why most people go to vaporstats, Why aren't you getting pressure? It could be that your system is close to being perfectly balanced. You're obviously getting some pressure or otherwise your radiators wouldn't be heating. If you wanted to test you could shut all your radiator valves and since the steam pressure doesn't have a place to go that would then build pressure. .Sounds to me that you have a pretty well adjusted steam system.

    - Rod  
  • Nick_37
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    Pressure Gauge

    Thanks for the response. It looks like I will need to add the low pressure gauge in order to get an accurate reading. I will check out the gaugestore.com. Can I assume that the Pressuretrol is working and is increasing the pressure as necessary? I guess I'm trying to make sure that the pressure is as low as possible and that the pressuretrol is not pushing out more than settings disctate. I guess I could shut off all the radiators as you suggested to see what happens. 
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